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The “Service de Remplacement les Petites Frimousses” is an enterprise from Quebec, situated in Montreal and specialised in infancy. Our goal is to help you in your search for specialised, competent staff in the field of infancy. Our mission is to help children blossom in a setting adapted to supporting their development and social integration.


Deserved Areas fleche

  • Montréal
  • Laval
  • Montérégie
  • Laurentides
  • Lanaudière
  • Outaouais

Here, you can reach the specialised staff you need:

Working in many industries:

  • CPE
  • Daycare centers
  • School Boards
  • CLSC
  • Readaptation centers
  • Hospitals
  • Private enterprises

We offer you a quick, efficient and courteous service in order to facilitate your search for staff and to simplify your schedule by taking care of the management of the staff’s files.

A systematic evaluation of your needs will allow you to achieve your objectives and to obtain an entire satisfaction of our services. More territories will be served as soon as possible.